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GlasGarten - Products Overview


• Shrimp Dinner
Main feed for ornamental Shrimp, as Pads, Gran or Soft Pearls
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• Mineral Junkie
Complementary feed for Invertebrates, as Soft Pearls
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• Shrimp Baby Food
Breeding feed for ornamental Shrimp
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• Shrimp Snacks
Snow Flakes, Löwenzahn, Maulbeer, Kräutermix 1, Kräutermix 2, Artemia and 4in1 Multipack
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• Betaglucan +Immunglobulin
Complementary feed for ornamental Shrimp, supports the immune system
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• Bacter AE - Micro Powder
to growth a biofilm and support the micro fauna and flora
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Aquarium Soil

• Environment - Aquarium Soil
Active Soil for planted Aquariums (Nature Aquariums) and soft water (for example keeping Shrimps)
Models: Regular and Powder, each as 4 Liter or 9 Liter Bag, Made in Japan
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Aquarium Tanks

• GlasGarten - Aquarium Tanks
High quality aquariums with high standards of quality, design and clarity
Models: Float and Clear glass (OptiWhite), without braces, transparent Silicon, Made in Germany
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